Advanced Hosting Solutions
Hosting plan Includes:
  • Free Domain with annual sign
  • 10 GB Hosting Space
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel PHP, Perl, CGI, FTP
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions
(Q)  What is the activation time for a new account?
(A)  We strive to activate new accounts within a few hours, although our commitment is to activate new accounts within 24 hours of creation.
(Q)  What is the level of security if I want to execute cgi and php scripts on your servers?
(A)  All servers at Rotmax are configured with suexec and phpsuexec options thus all your scripts will be executed under your user permissions only and do not require word readable permissions.
(Q)  How much does setting up a new account cost?
(A)  There is never a charge for setting up and activating your account.
(Q)  What if I am not satisfied?
(A)  At Rotmax, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, if however you are not satisfied with our service, you may cancel your account and receive a refund during the first 30 days or 28 days in case of February (Note: In case of annual sign where the domain com,org,net was free of charge - we will deduct the domain price from the refund price , the domain will be transfered on your behalf name for your private future use. Tech support team will update the customer with the username and the password for the future use.) This money back guarantee is valid 30 days from the time your account is activated.
(Q)  How do I access my website for management?
(A)  Each account comes with customized cPanel - web control panel, so you can perform all required task from there. If none of this helps, our support team is always available to assist with any issue that may arise.
(Q)  What methods of payment do you accept?
(A)  Our authorized retailer, 2Checkout, accepts Visa, Discover, American Express and Master Card. For methods of payment not mentioned, please contact
(Q)  When is my registration with Rotmax confirmed?
(A)  Once you have registered/signed up, two (2) emails will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you during the registration process. The first one is your receipt of payment from our payment processor and the second will be sent a short while later (usually within an hour), containing your account details. Please be sure to keep these emails in a safe place for future reference.
(Q)  Can I use my new account right away?
(A)  Yes. Although you won't be able to access your domain name through a web browser until you first register it using our name servers and it propagates (usually 2-3-days), you will have full and immediate access to your new account and will be able to upload your files and prepare your website.
(Q)  Do you place pop-ups, banners or other ads on my site?
(A)  Never.
(Q)  What type of servers do you host on?
(A)   All sites are hosted on DUAL QUAD Core Cpus servers with SCSI Disks, Fastest DDR RAM and Hardened Secure Kernel.
(Q)  What features do I get with my account?
(A)  All accounts come with a variety of features including a shopping cart, private CGI-BIN, preinstalled scripts, PHP/MySQL, Fantastico and many more. You may view the different options and select the plan that best suites your needs at our Rotmax Plan Matrix.
(Q)  Does have up-time policy?
(A)  Due to routine maintenance as well as circumstances beyond our control (Internet issues etc.,) Rotmax offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
(Q)  What support does offer?
(A) is proud to offer our customers a 24/7 support scheme standard with even our lowest end package.
(Q)  How do I contact support?
(A)  Our support team may be contacted through E-Mail and Helpdesk ticketing system. Our E-mail address , Helpdesk at Helpdesk Tickets system
(Q)  Are hosting schemes at based on an annual or monthly basis?
(A)  All hosting service are provided on a monthly and annual basis, although the annual packages include FREE com,net,org domains.
(Q)  Where may I view Rotmax's Terms Of Service (TOS)?
(A)  This may be viewed at , or by clicking here
(Q)  Do you host adult sites?
(A)  Yes we do, please refer to our Terms Of Service (TOS) by clicking here or going directly to
(Q)  Can I resell disk space purchased with my account?
(A)  For security reasons, to limit the amount of resource usage on the server and to ensure efficiency, we request that customers refrain from providing space purchased from Examples of these are FTP space, remote CGI hosting, MySQL databases, subdomain hosting, reselling portions of their account or making it available for others to use. Anonymous ftp servers are however permitted.
(Q)  Who is responsible for registering/transferring my domain?
(A)  You are responsible for registering and/or transferring your domain and providing your registrar with our name servers, should you require assistance , our support staff will do their best to assist you with this process.
(Q)  Do you host international domains?
(A)  Yes
(Q)  Do you provide Windows hosting?
(A)  At present, we only provide Linux hosting.
(Q)  Do you offer "unlimited" bandwidth?
(A)  Although the term, "unlimited" bandwidth is often used, the present infrastructure of the internet does not cater for this at all. Simply put, this does not exist.
(Q)  Can I upgrade/downgrade my account once activated later?
(A)  To upgrade/downgrade an existing account, send an email to Please include your account information. A Rotmax support representative will then be in contact with you.
(Q)  Can I purchase more space or bandwidth if I need it later?
(A)  In order to purchase more space or bandwidth, email and include your account information as well as the amount of extra disk space and/or bandwidth you require. A Rotmax support representative will then be in contact with you.
(Q)  Why do you use an authorized retailer (ie; 2Checkout)?
(A)  2Checkout is a reliable, secure, safe and well-known internet retailer. By authorizing them for our purchases of our products and services, we are able to eliminate the up front costs associated with processing the payments ourselves.
(Q)   Do you provide backups?
(A)  Our backup system is designed primarily for fast recovery in the event of any data storage failures on our servers. If your hosting package include the backup payment and in the event that the client wishes for us to restore a specific file they have deleted manually, we will restore this file from the backups taken approximately 29 days ago for no additional fee. In the event that the restore request refers to data backed up more than 29 day previous to the request, we will restore it for an additional fee. It should be noted, however, that Rotmax does not guarantee the file will be recovered, nor can we determine the length of time it will take to recover the file. We strongly recommend that you perform backup of your data on a daily basis.
Domain & DNS Questions
(Q)  What are your name servers called?
(A) --> -->
Email Questions
(Q)  How do I configure my email client?
(A)  Once your domain has fully propagated, you can access your email using the following addresses:

POP3 -->
SMTP -->

*You will also need to check the box that asks if your server requires authentication.
* Do not check the box that asks if you want to log-in using secure password authentication.

(Q)  Can I send out bulk email (aka; "spam")?
(A)  No. Please read our policy regarding unsolicited email here:
(Q)  How do I access my webmail account?
(A)  To access your webmail account, simply type the following address into your browser and have your username and password ready:

(Q)  How do I block emails?
(A)  All accounts come with email filtering software available through client area. If someone is harassing you or sending you unsolicited email, you can block them by using this program.
FTP Questions
(Q)  How do I access my FTP account?
(A)  Once your domain propagates, you can use your domain name (ie; "").
(Q)  I can not connect using Windows native ftp program.
(A)  The FTP server requires that the client program have the ability to support passive mode which means that there are 2 channels for data transfer. You need to have an ftp client that supports this feature. (Example: FileZilla)
(Q)  What port number do I use for my FTP account?
(A)  21
(Q)  Do you support Active Server Pages (ASP)?
(A)  At present we do not support this, we are however checking this issue and in addition, are exploring support of Active Server Pages on linux as well.
(Q)  Do you have SuExec enabled?
(A)  Yes
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